Wall stories

Fancy an oak tree growing up your staircase, or a tiger or giraffe sitting in your children’s bedrooms? With Serena Holliday’s uniquely personal Wall Stories murals, the world really is your oyster.

Daredevil PR is helping Serena pro bono as part of a Prince’s Trust initiative to support 18 to 30-year-olds living in the UK turn big ideas into business realities.

Wall Stories is Serena Holliday’s labour of love: she decorates the walls of living-spaces with intricate acrylic compositions, pulling inspiration from her international travels across Asia. Her art, which hints to De Gournay’s captivating wall paintings, embodies modern Chinoiserie – classic Chinese designs of natural elements. To this, she adds a delicate French touch that echoes the noble patterns adorning the Louvre. From foxes and pelicans, to stars and flora, her portfolio of natural illustrations is extensive and displays her innovative approach and ability to tailor her talent to different requests. (Just don’t suggest she paint Winnie-the-Pooh or a Power Ranger on your wall!)

So much more than a painting.

Entirely self-taught, Serena’s skills are blossoming with every new commission. She covers ethereal designs in nurseries, to generational pieces that stand the test of time. She is passionate about her craft and constantly brainstorming – she plans to expand to tile art in the coming years.

Let Serena’s creative abilities give your family the opportunity to decorate their rooms as uniquely as their personalities. Contact Serena at www.wallstorieslondon.com, Instagram (@wallstorieslondon).