Part of the electric energy transition, Daredevil PR helps Sweden’s national energy provider plug its ‘Power-as-a-Service’ offering firmly into the grid.

A household name in its native Sweden, Vattenfall has Megawatt-sized ambitions for fossil free living within one generation – and wants to bring its expertise in delivering cleaner and more efficient energy to UK businesses.

Daredevil’s mission is to help spread the news about Power-as-a-Service. Much of UK business is unaware of how the electric transition will place additional burdens on their existing electrical infrastructure – much of which is antiquated and hardly fit for purpose. In order to power eFleets, a wholesale upgrade of networks will be required. And not just to cater to a new generation of electric transport vehicles – industry also needs to transition away from climate unfriendly power sources, such as natural gas and coal.

Part education, part reiteration, all important

At Daredevil PR, we are passionate about promoting sustainability, and are enthusiastic champions of Vattenfall’s ambitions. We are helping to spread the word by publicising white papers on how companies can make the shift to electric fleets, to managing speaking opportunities, setting up expert interviews and introducing the UK media to the brand. Daredevil PR is powering up Vattenfall’s – and the UK’s – highly charged future.