Product Madness Games

Want a new website? Check. Want a new logo and brand identity? Check. Want to win awards and be seen as the gaming industry’s employer of choice? Check Check Check! Daredevil PR is crazy about helping the best gaming company in the world become the biggest.

And there is so much good stuff to tell about Product Madness. Daredevil PR drafted the entry that led to the company winning the Best Health and Wellbeing Strategy award in the highly acclaimed HR Excellence Awards 2021.  The company was rightly recognised for its remarkable commitment to employee health and wellness throughout the pandemic – offering a package of benefits that ranges from croissants to cushions to counselling.

The extensive wellbeing programme at Product Madness includes employees being given personal budgets to improve their lockdown-imposed home office environments, and unlimited access to professional counsellors to discuss their mental wellbeing. Managers are given training in spotting signs of distress in employees and the company provides discounted subscriptions to apps Headspace and Calm.

But that’s not all, Daredevil PR partners with Product Madness on its rebranding campaign, and revitalized its website. There is also plenty of employer branding PR work being conducted too, including seeking out speaking opportunities, and placing thought leadership articles in the media, all underlining its people-first ethos.