If you buy or sell machinery, you understand the power of relationships. Our most recent client is daring to upend the way equipment and vehicles are traded, by offering a marketspace where users can sell their own equipment on their own bespoke branded online marketplace. No fees, no hassle, and the whole process is under the seller’s control.  Given such daring, who better than Daredevil PR to help them promote it?!

In a nutshell, Krank Enterprise offers an ideal combination of cutting-edge technology meeting a real market need. The core of Krank’s concept is to offer users their own branded marketplace, while its technology seamlessly supports sale transactions in the background. Users of the platform can connect and communicate with customers, suppliers and business partners by listing and tagging inventory, and posting news 24/7 via the interactive Krank app.

Team Daredevil’s ongoing role is to highlight to potential end customers via the media how the new business model promises to be truly disruptive in the vehicle trading industry. It does this by not only enabling remarketing transactions at much lower cost than incumbents, but also giving sellers more data and buyers more confidence. Users can use the immersive tool to showcase listings; become auctioneers, or to simply collaborate – all in one place, via Krank’s fully integrated platform.

As our latest press release makes clear, Krank’s unique solution has recently gained the attention of the go-to management consultancy in the auto and mobility industry, Berylls. The market-leader has taken a stake in the online B2B trading and networking software, accelerating Berylls’ own development in exchange for significant support in building Krank’s business and organisation.

Exciting developments lie ahead for Krank’s future organisational structure and commercial offering, and Daredevil is proud to be a part of its undoubted upwards trajectory!