Jefferson Tools

We have the privilege of partnering with Jefferson Tools, a UK success story that is putting high quality tools and equipment into the hands of professional tradespeople all across Europe. From a starting point of almost no media exposure, the company has entrusted Daredevil to amplify its brand presence and connect it with a broader audience.  


Our collaboration started with a shared vision: to not only provide quality tools but also to create a real-world narrative that resonates with professionals across diverse industries. From construction to automotive, engineering to farming, Jefferson Tools’ range of solutions is as dynamic as the professionals it serves. 


At Daredevil, we also have the right tools for the job, and our mission with Jefferson Tools is crystal clear — to elevate its brand visibility to new heights. So, we delved into the heart of the company’s story, highlighting its UK base, its commitment to quality, its exceptional value for money and unique approach in the tools and equipment sector. 


And the market liked hearing this story 

What makes our journey with Jefferson Tools remarkable is our ability to secure coverage where none before existed. Taking a PR approach that clearly distinguishes between the distributors of the company’s tools – and the users of the tools, we have won substantial coverage in the leading media of both camps. We have won coverage everywhere from renowned publications like Professional Builders Merchant, Classic Tractor, Builders Merchants’ Journal – even consumer title Auto Express — the UK’s best-selling weekly car magazine. In short, our media haul has really hit the nail on the head. (With a JT hammer 😊.) 


In the past year alone, Daredevil PR has propelled Jefferson Tools into the spotlight, reaching an audience of over four million people. We’ve crafted over 70 pieces of compelling editorial, turning heads in the industry. Nobody says: ‘Jefferson Tools who?’ now. 


Just as Jefferson Tools creates the best tools for the hardest tasks, at Daredevil we shape unputdownable stories that build brands. Our success with the company is a testament to our understanding of our clients and crafting narratives that resonate with their target audiences, and the media that serve them.