Atlas Copco

Looking for compressor experts that make tough industrial jobs a breeze? We know just the people!

Founded in 1873, Atlas Copco has an impressive history of taking on challenging tasks and transforming them into stories of innovation, perseverance and success – creating a perfect synergy with the daring approach that Daredevil PR takes to its services.

We have had the pleasure of working closely with the Air Division team to support various campaigns – the most recent being the ‘Your Silent Partner’ storyline. Daredevil PR helped release Atlas Copco’s new ‘silent species’ into the wild – the E-Air electric compressor, evolved for life on the toughest terrain.

We helped share insights into the super efficient, oil-free variable speed electric compressor, which offers customers enhanced reliability, efficiency and safety of all industrial practices. The low noise nature of the E-Air – at 61 decibels, comparable to the spoken voice – is a substantial user-friendly benefit to all jobs, but particularly those in inner city or indoor applications.

The E-Air is the ideal partner for those looking to reduce their energy consumption, drive down costs, electrify their practices in line with net zero targets – and stay ahead of the competitive curve.

Atlas Copco’s industrial ideas continue to drive society forward, and Daredevil PR couldn’t be happier to be actively involved with such a pioneer and technology innovator.