Ånd Fragrances

Smell nice and be nice to the planet! That’s the message Daredevil PR promoted when it helped launch ånd Fragrances’ latest ethical perfume, Påtch. Made from Patchouli grown in rainforest friendly farms in Sumatra, we helped tell the story of how luxury perfumes can protect delicate natural ecosystems and help indigenous people prosper.

The latest luxury hand-crafted perfume from Ex-Lush head perfumier and Head of Ethical Buying Simon Constantine uses only high-quality ingredients sourced from indigenous farmers. These growers use only sustainable forest friendly practices – making a positive impact for its wearer’s personal climate, and also the planet’s.

At Daredevil PR, we are helping promote the amazing hand-made, sustainable, regenerative, ethical, vegan, fabulously fine fragrances from ånd. The company is the antithesis of mainstream perfume brands, with their mass-produced chemical formulations. We enjoy nothing more than telling the story of how the Patchouli used in Påtch is grown by farmers who are working to reduce deforestation, improve growing conditions and earn a sustainable income. Each essential oil has been chosen because it has a direct benefit to people and the ecosystem that created them. Påtch comes from one of the last places on earth where wild rhinos, orangutang, tiger and elephant live in freedom in their natural rainforest habitat. Now that’s a story worth telling.