Our work
We’re lucky to have great clients. Here’s some of the cool things we’ve been up to together recently.

Atlas Copco

Looking for compressor experts with a history of taking on challenging tasks, and transforming them into stories of innovation, perseverance and success? We know just the people!


Part of the electric energy transition, Daredevil PR helped Sweden’s national energy provider plug its Power-as-a-Service offering firmly into the grid.


Daredevil PR’s latest major client is a global leader in construction and mining equipment. One of the first stories we’ve written – published exclusively …

ACF Technologies

Unsung heroes no longer! Daredevil PR told the amazing story of how ACF developed the Covid testing and booking systems that saved the UK.

Product Madness Games

Want a new website? check. Want a new logo and brand identity? Check. Want to win awards and be seen as the gaming industry’s employer of choice? Check Check Check!

Ånd Fragrances

Smell nice and be nice to the planet! That’s the message Daredevil PR promoted when it helped launch ånd Fragrances’.

Wall stories

Fancy an oak tree growing up your staircase, or a tiger or giraffe sitting in your children’s’ bedrooms? With Serena Holliday’s uniquely personal …